Thirty Minutes

In thirty minutes, I will be done with parent-teacher conferences for the semester. It will be 8 PM. Conferences are always looong days, but this year they seem particularly long (thanks, physical exhaustion). Part of that is that we’ve had long periods of time without any parents showing up; I had essentially no one from 8:30 AM until 2:30 PM, which was easily the longest, sleepiest six hours of my school year thus far. So far the conferences have been, for the most part, very good and productive. As usual, the majority of parents who come in have students who need no intervention or extra help, and the majority of parents one would really like to talk to never show (and won’t answer the phone if you call home). Not that there’s any social commentary in that or anything. Had a couple of “bad” conferences, but that’s a story for another time and venue, I think.

Tomorrow I am off from work and have a doctor’s appointment of the less fun (i.e., no ultrasounds — man, what has happened to your definition of “fun” when it includes trans-vaginal ultrasounds?) variety. Specifically, we will be doing a lot of paperwork and re-enacting Anne Rice’s next novel, Appointment with a Vampire. I am not needle-phobic like R is, but I am in no way a fan of IVs or having blood drawn. If the needle doesn’t come right out, I don’t like it. Plus, I’ve had some bad experiences with blood draws; I’ve blacked out once, and when I was having infertility treatments they once jabbed both arms over half a dozen times without ever getting a vein. So! Not really looking forward to that, but it’s a necessary step in the process.

I am nine weeks now, as of yesterday, actually. I haven’t had a chance to take my 9-week photo yet because I haven’t been home in daylight since Monday, but I’m thinking I can take care of that tomorrow or Saturday. Not that there’s much, if any, change to observe. I feel like it’s slightly silly to take weekly photos pre-bump, but I’ve seen how quickly things evolve later on, and would like a fairly regular progression to look at. R, of course, wants to take daily photographs and turn them into an animated gif. But that would require both of us, y’know, being home once in a while….

Lots of indigestion still. Sleepiness. Rampaging appetite and feelings of dehydration. Food aversions and occasional mild cravings. (Mostly, I find myself desperately wanting things I can’t have: deli meat, Mike’s Hard Lemonade. And things I used to love, like Coke, don’t taste good anymore. Stupid tastebuds.) My body has set up a 1 AM wakeup call to use the bathroom, which is, as you can imagine, doing wonders for the fatigue (along with the cutting down on caffeine thing).

This is the point at which everyone should stop reading because I’m writing down another symptom for my own personal record, but it’s one that no one wants to know about, so yeah. Stop reading now. Or don’t, but don’t blame me when you have to look me in the face the next day.

I know that part of early pregnancy is that your digestive system slows down and speeds up. At first, mine had definitely sped up, leading to a lot of loose stool issues. Well, it’s currently in a swing the other direction — not all the way into constipation territory, but enough that yesterday I had a painful “experience” accompanied with blood (of the non-vaginal variety, thank goodness, but still, YUCK.) The experience left me somewhat uncomfortable for the rest of the day, and then was repeated this morning. The internet told me that 1) it was nothing to really worry about but 2) I should call my doctor anyway, so I did. After playing a rigorous game of phone tag (the nurse kept calling me back right when a parent would come in for a conference) I got a “prescription” for some over-the-counter medication called Colace. As I’ve never had any trouble of this sort in the past, this whole thing was new to me, but I ran down to Walmart on my lunch break and got a bottle. (My indigestion is worse than ever this afternoon; wonder if the pills are affecting it? Just my luck….) Anyway, I guess this is a pretty common pregnancy side effect, so — yay.

Ha ha. I was going to write that last paragraph without any euphemisms and I just couldn’t do it. Are you a prude if you can write about your digestive issues but can’t type the actual words?


One thought on “Thirty Minutes

  1. They used to have my mom take colace after her surgeries to, um, move things along. I don’t seem to recall her having adverse effects (and with all of her allergies, if there was an adverse effect to be had, she’d have had it)

    …at least it’s not cod liver oil?

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