Faith, Fashion, and Photos

(Warning: This post contains boobs. If you’d rather not know, skim to the pictures. :))

Something about hitting that 8 week mark, and knowing that everything is okay, has turned a switch in my head. Yesterday, I actually felt… well, “excited” isn’t the right word, because I’ve been excited since Day 1. “Hopeful” and “positive” aren’t right either… I think, really, what I felt was calm, and reassured, and like things were going to be okay. A level of faith in “all this.” And once that switch clicked over, it was only a matter of hours before something akin to the nesting instinct kicked in. I wanted to go shopping. Not for cribs and onesies — my cart isn’t that far ahead of the horse — but for maternity clothes.

(Before you completely roll your eyes at me, my pants are already getting uncomfortable. I’m uber-sensitive to binding fabric as it is, and what with bloating, gas, and the fact that my uterus is now the size of an orange or grapefruit, all of my pants are binding. Most of my shirts still have a ton of “give” in them, because I’m a bit overweight and not a huge fan of body-hugging clothes, but my best friends this past week have been pants with stretchy waistbands.)

Mainly, though, I want to start taking cliched belly photos, and when I look at examples online, my favorites have the mom-to-be in the same outfit all 9 months. So I wanted to find something that I could wear now through April.

First, I did some research online and discovered that apparently all pregnant ladies are 120-pound yoga enthusiasts who work in places where leggings, t-shirts, and low-cut maxi dresses are totally appropriate. There is no earthly way that I can pull off a maxi dress; I’m toting 38DD “ladies” and work with 17-year-old boys. And while I love wearing leggings under a long skirt (related to the binding clothes issue; I have sensory defensiveness and one of my hang-ups is that I can’t stand for my upper legs to touch each other, so I have to wear nylons or bloomer-style slips under skirts) I can’t picture myself wearing leggings as pants. I’m a 12-14. Leggings are not designed for ladies with hips.

(I’d like to take a moment here to express my mystification regarding maternity bras. Most of the pregnancy websites recommend saving money by getting nursing bras, which have that removable panel, but I look at them and none of them look like they have the support required for someone of my figure. I tend to wear the super-glamorous 18-hour bras that come in the little plastic boxes, because they give good support, look good under my clothes, and — most importantly for me, re: SD — are comfortable. I’ve already graduated up to a new size and style, and it has a little more room to grow in it; I wonder if I can make it through the bulk of this pregnancy with them?)

Finally, I gathered up the scraps of my first-trimester energy and dragged my carcass to Target (which is a rare and lovely treat, because I’ve seen basically nothing but my classroom and the inside of my eyelids for weeks). Their maternity section is TINY compared to their online catalog, but they did have a few good deals and cute things. They’ve still mostly got summer things out, but there are a few sweaters and long-sleeved t-shirts. And they also had a cute, comfy, work-appropriate, accessorizable little black dress for $28.

On me now, it doesn’t look maternity, although it might not be the #1 most flattering silhouette for me. It feels great and I like the way it looks. I probably won’t actually wear it to work/church/etc. until it A) cools down and B) my belly’s a little bigger, but I might. You never know. And in the meantime, I can start taking pictures.



2 thoughts on “Faith, Fashion, and Photos

  1. Yay! Yay! I am so thrilled for you! Target maternity is kind of awful. Selection is small and I feel like the.sizes run small. Try jcpennney. I got a lot of basics there and the prices were decent, not jacked up maternity prices. Old navy has a small casual but cute collection. I shelled out a few bucks for some nicer tops for work at motherhood maternity. Kohl’s has a few okay things, but they are pricey unless you have a coupon. I also got a pants extender at motherhood maternity and some bebands at Target and I can wear those with most of my regular pants.

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