Sticky Bun

Yesterday afternoon, I went to R’s school to pick him up. We had a few extra minutes so we went and visited a couple of his current/my former coworkers. As we left, they — knowing our “condition” — made the inevitable  corny joke about our last name and having a bun in the oven. It was wonderful.
Even more wonderful was lying back at the doctor’s office and looking at that bun, knowing that it was alive and well, growing exactly on schedule, heart racing away.

Ultrasound - 8 weeks

S/he is upside-down and currently bears a striking resemblance to a legume. A legume with a heartbeat.

The machine measured it at 1.65 cm, putting it at exactly 8 weeks (LMP put it at 8 weeks 1 day, but of course date of actual conception can’t be known, so the measurement is more accurate); the heartbeat was 160 bpm.

Thank the good Lord; at least for now, this bun is sticking.

It’s so amazing to look at the pictures from 6 weeks, compared to the pictures from 8 weeks, and to know how much Baby Baker has grown. And then I look at B’s ultrasound, from 11 weeks, and s/he has a FACE. I mean, you can’t tell whose nose s/he inherited or anything, but you can tell it’s a person and not a kidney bean. I get to go back in four weeks for another ultrasound… I hope I get a picture as clear as B’s!

So, I have an appointment next Friday, to fill out paperwork and probably do some bloodwork. That’s probably when I find out how much the Legume is going to cost (yay). Then I have another appointment on October 15, which is at about 12.5 weeks — also known as more or less the end of the first trimester. Turns out that between weeks 8 and 11, some pretty important stuff happens. The yolk sac expands and fuses with the placenta, and the yolk stops doing all of the hard work for Baby. As Baby’s organs and the placenta take over all of that digestion and respiration stuff, s/he graduates from embryoness to fetusdom. And that’s why the end of the first trimester is a big milestone in terms of getting to relax a little bit and trust that things are going to be okay. If Baby can work its way up to being a fetus, the rest of the road is a lot smoother for him/her.


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