Photographic Evidence

[Backposted]Here are the ultrasound photos from our 6 week emergency visit (sorry for the glare; I didn’t have a good scanner handy and couldn’t get a very good photo because the paper is so glossy).

I wish I could show you video of the little proto-heart pulsing… Miracles. Absolute frigging miracles.

Ultrasound - 6 Weeks

I think s/he has R’s nose. (For those of you unschooled in early ultrasounds… the little pale ring inside the black blob is Baby. Black blob is Babyville, and all of the fuzzy white stuff around it is… well, probably too much pasta and fried cheese. ;))


Here’s a closeup of a fuzzy white blob:

Ultrasound Closeup (6 weeks)

Currently 1/3 of a centimeter long. Clearly destined for a career in the NBA.


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