Disconnected Thoughts

First snow today! Not a very exciting one… more like somewhat-solid rain, actually.

* * *

It’s funny how invisible stress can be until the point when the stressor is gone, and then you realize how much lighter you’ve suddenly become… I guess it’s kind of like that “how to boil a frog” story. You get used to the stress levels rising to the point where you don’t even notice that you’re stressed out, until either you’re boiled up or someone scoops you out of the pot…

* * *

Guess I needn’t have worried about making it to a 100-book goal this year – I’m only 5 books shy, it’s the beginning of November, and I’m currently reading (and will finish shortly) two books. Since I tend to have a big surge of reading in December/January, I think it’s possible I may overshoot my new goal considerably…

* * *

I am not at all “feeling” NaNoWriMo this year. I have a story that I badly want written, but I don’t really feel much impetus to be the one to write it! 😛 Plus, these past couple of days, I just haven’t felt like writing fiction at ALL. Worse, I’m really having a hard time caring about (or doing a decent job running) the Young Writers’ Program. I just can’t seem to get myself on the ball.

* * *

I have decided that I am a fan of hope.


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