Giving In to Goodreads (Poor Me)

For the past several weeks, Goodreads has been bugging me to increase my 2011 reading goal. Last night, I hit 110% completion.

I took a look at a calendar and realized that there are still 94 days left in this year. Surely I can read at least 17 more books before year’s end. Right? December’s usually a good month for me, reading-wise….

So, as of right now – literally, I am tabbing away from this page to do it riiiiiiight now – okay, done – my goal has been increased.

I’m currently working toward that goal with several books vying for my (scattered due to exhaustion) attention. Right now I’ve got One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding, Bring Back Beatrice!, Me Talk Pretty One Day, and Little Lady Big Apple on rotation – which isn’t as bad as it looks, necessary. Beatrice is a browsing book, one you flip through when you have a minute or two but not enough time for plot. One Perfect Day and Me Talk Pretty are the sort of books that you can read a chapter at a time and put down for long stretches of time in between. I’m kind of holding myself back with Little Lady because I know I’ll want to read it nonstop once I start, and I haven’t really had time to do that….

Oh, you’d like to know what books I’ve read in 2011, but you don’t want to hunt it down on Goodreads? Why, I would be just DELIGHTED to take advantage of the fact that I’m sitting at a computer that has Photoshop and make you a representative graphic.

2011 books read so far


One thought on “Giving In to Goodreads (Poor Me)

  1. I’m making my way through a pretty dense non-fiction book (Babel) that has taken me forever to get through. But I have a handful of fiction books lined up to read next…that I know I’ll just breeze through after spending so much time with such a difficult book. I’m looking forward to it. I won’t get through 100 books this year, but that’s OK. We can’t all be Kate. 😉

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