Cats and Hats

hats in closetMy blue hat needed to be stored on a Styrofoam head, which got me to thinking about the difficulty of storing all of my other hats… thanks to Facebook, I found heads locally MUCH cheaper than they would have been online, and cleared out one store’s stock. Will haunt additional stores – apparently Halloween time is a good time to find heads – until I have enough for the collection.

And yes, I organize my clothes by color. Got a problem with that? 🙂

d'Artagnan on dresser

So very proud of these vases. They were a bit of an indulgence, I guess, but they sure do make me happy. When I get the rest of the room done you’ll have to see how perfect they are for it… Cat’s not bad, either, although I hadn’t intended to bring in any orange notes to this room. 😉





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