This morning I woke up and decided that I was going to make today a good day, inasmuch as I had any control of it. So instead of sleeping in TOO long, or settling right down to work, we got up, put on blue and orange, and FINALLY went to the Boise Farmer’s Market.

For breakfast, Ryan had a Bad Boy’s breakfast burrito (six taco sauce packets! the riches!) and I had a Ghiradelli chocolate-and-bacon cupcake.

(I liked it okay but wasn’t terribly impressed. Still not sure about this whole obsession with bacon thing.)

Better were the beautiful vegetables and fruits, enough sampling baskets at every booth to constitute a full meal.

There was a lot of blue and orange out there, even down to the bouquets at the flower booths…

And as always, despite the “no dogs” signs, lots of nice doggies out enjoying the market.

Sometimes the “busker” music at the market isn’t great, but there was some really good music there today. I wasn’t sure about this band at first – too much panflute, too little cowbell – but then the panflautist traded his pipes for a PVC fujara, and I was sold.

I guess he was just their “winds” guy (if you don’t count didgeridoo as winds, which of course it is) because after a few songs he put down the fujara and picked up a curved-body soprano. I don’t reckon he’d appreciate the photo I accidentally took, though – but you will.

Take a closer look at that beautiful accordion:

One of my favorite things at the Market was this beautiful lady and her hat, both of which she graciously permitted me to photograph despite her protests that she wasn’t photogenic:

I disagree, don’t you? Maybe one day I’ll be wandering around the Market in my crazy Bronco hat. When I’m an old lady, I shall wear orange… and a blue hat that doesn’t go…

Oh, wait. 🙂

Now our boys in blue white just need to do well tonight, and this will have been a very good day.


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