Well, That Was Easy.

As of 11:30 PM on August 4, I’ve read the 75 books I’d hoped to complete by year’s-end. The shortest book of the 75 was Readicide, although Losers was pretty short, too. Oh wait – I read Night early in the year; it’s a shortie as well. The longest was Under the Dome (which I LOVED, very old-school The Stand-esque King) which registered in at 1,072 pages. Lots of sci fi and paranormal/horror so far. If I’ve plugged in the correct editions to Goodreads, then I’ve read 29,076 pages so far. I kind of wish there was a way to tell it about the numerous magazines (and blog entries! Now that’d beef up my stats!) that I’ve read as well. Or maybe there is; I’ve never bothered to try.

I’m kind of impressed with myself. Too tired to go fishing around for my spreadsheet right now (yes, I’m that sort of person, leave me alone) but I’m pretty sure I read fewer than 75 books in 2010. And there are still five months left to go in 2011… to what do you think I ought to increase my goal? Obviously my reading is going to taper off, now that school’s about to start…

Anyway – a celebratory pop of the imaginary champagne cork to this bookworm! And now it’s time to see if the damned DVR actually managed to catch the second showing of tonight’s Project Runway. If not, check in for pics of the damage.


2 thoughts on “Well, That Was Easy.

  1. I loved “Under the Dome.” It really was so much like “The Stand” in all the right ways. Some of his other recent stuff has been fairly dreadful (I’m looking at you, “Lisey’s Story”) so this was very welcome. I’m looking forward to “11/22/63,” due out this fall.

    Hey, if you ever want to come join us for Project Runway night on Thursdays, wherein several friends come over for dinner, the kids play, and the grown-ups watch PR, we’d love to have you! Just let me know.

  2. Well done! I know I haven’t read 75 books yet this year. I don’t think I’ve read that much in the last 12 months. Or 18 months…or more. But I try! I really do!

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