No, I don’t have any good reason to be writing about this.

I like names. I have always liked names; just ask my fourth grade TAG teacher. I’ve owned a baby name book since I was six. Names are easily one of my favorite things.

Today at church, two sisters were baptized: Sydney and Ally. Sydney is one of Ryan’s favorite names-for-future-offspring; it used to be one of mine, but has slipped in the ranks somewhat. I can’t get past the “Sid” thing. Ally’s middle name is Madeleine, which is my current top (or maybe second-choice; I’m also big into “Penelope” right now) name-for-future-offspring. But I’m stuck on the “Ally” thing; I mean, in print, that looks like “person on your side in a fight,” but as a name, it’s like Ally McBeal. Am I wrong about that? What happened linguistically between the noun ally and the name Ally? And shouldn’t Ally be short for something?

Saw a movie lately, and read an unrelated book, in which a dog was named Pilot. That’s kind of a cute name for a kid, if you’re into that “naming children after objects” thing.

I  bring up Pilot because Hank Green has a few thoughts about naming babies, and Pilot is one of the names he picks on (along with Quathyryn and Jaucshuwa). Overall, he makes some excellent points:

I for one think he should DEFINITELY name a daughter Olive. Don’t you? I don’t see a problem with that… it’s nowhere near as bad as Drew Peacock.

My biggest naming pet peeve? People with large families who give all of their children the same initial. I’m looking at you, Duggars. Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie? Seriously? And Jinger? It’s not as if there weren’t (obviously!) plenty of perfectly acceptable J-names out there without resorting to jayification of G-names.

When Ryan and I do have a need to pick baby names, we do have a few names that we find that we can easily agree on. We’re pretty solid on the idea of giving a child the middle name “Peril”; anyone can have “Danger” for a middle name, so we’re celebrating our superior vocabulary there. We figure that with our last name, “Butcher” is a good choice – especially if we can convince said child to go into the candle-making industry. I particularly like the idea of a girl named Butcher Baker.


7 thoughts on “Names

  1. I tested Beckett Walter on a group of 12-year-olds. The only ones who repeatedly said they didn’t like it were Sean and Will…who wanted me to name the baby Sean William instead.

  2. I worked someplace where the head of the company had legally changed his name to Browne Greene. And proceeded to name his daughters Violet and Blue. And his son was supposed to be named Red (dunno if it happened, I left the company before said child was born)

    My mother had patients with the last name Green who named their children far more playground friendly names – Forrest, Jade and Kelly.

    my cousins with the last name of C are Kenny, Kory, Kevin and Kris. My sister mom and I are all JLS.

    Just remember, when it comes your time, that kids can be very, VERY cruel when it comes to names. And don’t even threaten to name them Nellie Maybelle, not even if it IS designed to stop the grandmothers from making suggestions…

    • oh…nothing. It’s just what finally shut up my grandmothers so that my parents could name me in relative peace ;p

      (mother’s mother’s first name, which she despised and father’s mother’s middle name, which SHE despised. Apparently the tactic was quite effective)

    • IDK. Maybe you’re thinking of Sean Combs. Cooms? IDK. Puff Daddy – you know. Or I guess now he’s Dirty Daddy Money or something ridiculous like that.

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