Review: Going in Circles

Going in CirclesGoing in Circles by Pamela Ribon
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Charlotte, a miniature-making tech writer, marries Matthew, an lawyer with OCD. Five months later, their marriage is over – but it can’t seem to just die and let Charlotte move on with her life. Instead, she finds herself caught in an anxiety-inducing maelstrom of insecurity, guilt, questions, and uncertainty. So Charlotte does what any reasonable woman ought to do under such circumstances: she becomes a roller derby girl.

Going in Circles is a bit as though you took the movie Whip It and recast it, substituting a thirty-year-old for Ellen Page’s alleged seventeen-year-old protagonist. Well-developed characters and a pleasant, strong voice make this a lovely little read, especially for any woman who has wondered whether the life she’s living is the life she’s meant to have. The supporting cast is almost as three-dimensional as the main characters; I suppose robust characterization is often a feature of well-written “chick lit” (after all, we chicks are supposed to be all into people and relationships) but hey, I’m not going to look a gift book in the mouth.

I actually found this book new for $3.99 at Hastings, so if you’re interested and live in the vicinity of such an establishment, look at the racks of bargain books for a trade paperback with a prone roller skater on the cover. The skates in the cover art don’t accurately reflect derby skates, of course; grown women rarely “break their damn ass” while wearing polite little white rink skates. 🙂 You’ll laugh out loud at least twice while reading this one, and you might get a little misty too, if you’re so inclined. Regardless, I think it’s worth taking for a spin.

PS: As the reviewer blurbs promise, it will likely make you entertain fantasies of roller derby, too. I’m about 90% convinced that I would love it, but the other 10% keeps running film of my fingers getting crushed under someone’s skates, and my lifelong horror of injury to my hands kicks in. Dang it, parents! Why didn’t you get me hockey lessons instead of piano lessons? 😉

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* I am totally kidding about the piano lessons, Mom.


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