Creative Writing is Scary

Today we wrote about phobias in creative writing. I had a big list of phobias (did you know that porphyrophobia is the fear of purple?) and I put them each on a slip of paper in a big (scary) ziplock. Each student drew out a phobia and had to write a short piece. The requirements were that the name of the phobia be the piece’s title, that it play a central role in the story, but that they can’t directly mention the phobia (at least not its name) in the story. I encouraged them to try to make it scary without saying it was scary – show, not tell.

Ipulled out a phobia, too – and wouldn’t you know it? I pulled out bibliophobia, the fear of books. And if you follow that link, you can read what I came up with. (Feel free to leave comments but keep in mind that the story is posted on my teaching blog and will be seen by my students.)


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