Missed my cue for a “hot water” reference

In conclusion to a conversation about the chewable Dramamine Ryan took:

"It tastes like ass."

"Maybe you should have just swallowed it."

"It’s like you’re on Chopped, and you open the basket, and they’re all, ‘Your ingredients are ass and orange zest.’ I know! I’ll make Dramamine!"


"You know, this is really more of an amuse-bouche than an appetizer."

"We only had twenty minutes to cook, and it takes 19 minutes to properly prepare ass, so I sliced it really thin."

"Well, even under the best of circumstances, you want to avoid having your ass roasted."

"Or grilled."

"Ideally, just throw it in a skillet on high heat, spank it on each side, and call it good."

"Shishkabobs, maybe?"


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