Holidailies – Day 10

Who is your favorite elf?

One of my favorite words this time of year is “elfly” (pronounced elf-ly, not el-fly… duh). I’ve been hearing a lot lately about “languages of love” and how some people show love through physical touch, or through talking, or through gift-giving – and how people need love in certain ways, too. Dunno anything about that, really, but I know that one of the things that truly brings me joy is to be elfly – to find or make gifts for others and wrap them and give them… which makes lean years all the harder for me. It’s irrational; I’m not materialistic. But it’s one of my main ways that I express love, I think. Christmas presents.

But I digress.

My favorite elf is not Legolas, as I’m sure some of my friends would answer; I much prefer Mr. Bloom with dark hair, thank you very much. No; if I had to pick a favorite elf, it would definitely be this guy:

I mean, how can you resist a guy who works in Santa’s workshop and STILL would prefer to be a dentist? Misfits of the world, unite. 🙂


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