Holidailies – Day 7

There wasn’t a prompt posted for today, so I’m going to steal a Christmas meme from Kwizgiver instead.

1.What is your favorite Christmas carol/song? It changes from year to year. This year it’s “Adeste Fidelis.” But I’ve had “All I Want for Christmas Is You” stuck in head for days…

2.White lights or multicolored? again, depends on my mood. I love a ton of white lights on a green tree, but I love my red and green lights on my white tree. And I love old-fashioned big bulbed multicolors on houses.

3. Do you have a cut tree, live tree or an artificial tree? I have an artificial tree in my house, but we always go tree hunting for free-range trees.

4. Eggnog, mulled cider, or hot chocolate? Not eggnog. Whether I prefer cider or hot cocoa depends on whether I’ve eaten recently; cider doesn’t sit well on an empty stomach, but it is generally my favorite. Unless hot buttered rum is an option, that is. 🙂

5. Do you decorate your house with lights? Ideally, yes. Realistically, no.

6. Do you write a Christmas letter? No. I figure those are probably for people with kids.

7. Do you like receiving Christmas letters/photos? Yes.

8. What is your favorite Christmas story/movie? Hmm. That’s a tough one… today, I’m going to say Love Actually. Does that count?

9. Have you ever made a gingerbread house? Yes.

10. Poinsettias or holly? Poinsettias, I guess.

11. Do you bake Christmas cookies? Not often. For being a Baker, I’m not much of a baker.

12. In what languages can you wish someone a Merry Christmas (without cheating)? Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel (although I don’t know how to say it out loud, but I can spell it), Mele Kalekemaka (may not be spelled right, but I can say it), Felix dies Nativitatis

13. Do you know all the words to Jingle Bells? Yes, although I might have to review the third verse.

14. Do you put presents under the tree? yes

15. How do you eat a candy cane? I’m a sharpener.

16. What is your biggest holidays pet peeve? people becoming nasty and aggressive – particularly behind the wheel – because they’re stressed out over the holidays.

17. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? “Silent Night,” a capella, lit only by a thousand candles raised and flickering in a gilded cathedral, as the clock nears midnight on Christmas Eve.


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