Holidailies – Day 6

Unique traditions.

The Christmas season for me usually includes a few things that might be classified as unique:

  • tree hunting in the mountains
  • playing in the Meridian Symphony Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert (two years now – hopefully a long-lasting tradition)
  • Tuba Christmas (although we haven’t been able to do so for some time due to football)
  • a Christmas roast with Yorkshire pudding
  • Mexican food on or around Christmas Eve
  • late night candlelight service on Christmas Eve
  • and other things…

For me, something I’ve done most Christmases since I was very little is that when I wake up on Christmas morning, I curl up on the couch in my PJs and a blanket or robe, and drink coffee while waiting for the rest of the house to wake up (although these days, more often than not, I’m one of the last to awake – hooray exhaustion). And unless someone beats me to the coffee pot, I make the coffee (in a percolator, not a drip pot) and surreptitiously add what I’m sure is a totally inconsequential sprinkling of ground cinnamon to the coffee grounds. It’s something I always did when I made coffee for my Grammy, because we both liked the smell, and I did it every Christmas morning when she and I were the first to wake, and I still do it even though she’s not there to share the pot.


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