Holidailies – Day 1

[Yes, I’m backposting – just found this meme, and I’m enjoying the prompts. You can get the daily writing prompts here if you’d like to play along.]

It’s the first day of Holidailies … introduce yourself and your website.

December 6! St. Nicholas Day! And… my 30th birthday. Welcome to the fourth decade of my life.

I’m a female North American redheaded English teacher, which sounds like an exotic sort of woodpecker. Married and as-of-yet devoid of biological offspring. I dote on my poodle, Paisley, and my cat, d’Artagnan, and occasionally acknowledge my other cat, Sophie (when she deigns to acknowledge me – occurrances of which exponentially increase as the temperature drops). I’m a musician, unless you define “musician” as “someone with a music degree,” which I don’t because I think that’s stupid. Right now my primary instrument appears to be mallet percussion, which is kee-razy. I’m actually a pianist and alto saxophonist (alto only, because I’m a snob like that).

I’m a voracious (and fast) reader. I enjoy reading total garbage as long as the characters are engaging. I only marginally believe in the canon. My superhuman abilities include supersonic typing and reading abilities. I love teaching Shakespeare and do a good job at it. I love making books and would kind of like to be Tom Trusky when I grow up, except with less facial hair. I like taking pictures and goofing around in Photoshop. It might be simpler just to say that I like making beautiful things.

Sometimes this website tries to qualify.


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