Snow Day!

Also know as the “geeking out over the snow” post, complete with awesome snowman pics.

Some of my sunbird friends probably believe that Boise is firmly within the Arctic Circle during the winter, but we actually rarely get big snowstorms in the valley. And when we do, the city rarely seems to understand what it’s gotten into. We don’t have many, if any, city-owned snow plows, and the local school districts are loathe to cancel school even when they probably ought to. (I remember the day in high school when our bus stopped at a railroad crossing, and the car behind us couldn’t stop and slammed into us; there were days when I tried to drive to school and had to go home for a ride in the Jeep, too. And of course, there was last year when I certainly would have benefited from a snow day.)

(That was one year, minus six days ago. This may be a bad winter…)

Anyway, I woke up this morning to what may be only the second valley-wide snow day in two decades. The roads are so bad that EVERY district canceled school – even Boise State canceled classes, first for the morning and then for the full day. Seems that somewhere in the neighborhood of seven inches fell over night:


I didn’t think we got that much snow at our house, but maybe we did. Several hours later (after a well-deserved snow day/day-after-NaNoWriMo sleep-in) when we left the house, there were still piles and piles of snow.


I almost couldn’t get into the garage to look for the snow shovel that we apparently don’t actually own. See, look at the stairs!


(Okay, so pictures like that make it hard to tell exactly how deep the snow is. I should have taken a picture of it swallowing my snow boots.) 

It’s a good thing I hadn’t planned to do any sun-dried laundry today… with artfully-draped size 9 shoe for comparison sake.


And while I’m afraid I’m not in the building-snowmen department these days, our neighbors – whose excited schoolboy squeals of “I’ve always wanted to build a snowman!” leaked into our living room – are. First, our next-door neighbors built a snowman and his snowcat, modeled no doubt on their cat Snowball, also known to us as Wilford.


And then – no trick photography or angles – the amazing one-story-tall snowman and his family, who have taken up residence across the street:


(Although this one, built by another old BT person and teacher celebrating a snow day, might have that one beat.)


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. I was SUPER excited when I looked on my Google Reader to see that you had posted again. I’m not going to lie—every time that I see the name of your blog in bold on the reader with a number after it, I secretly (well, not so secretly now) hope that it is another installment in the Wyrd chapters.

    While I have enjoyed the snow today, I have also really enjoyed sneaking portions of my day to read new chapters of Wyrd. The past few have been really good. I’m not just talking about the events in the chapters. I have thought the pacing was good (although sometimes I wished that there was more so I could keep reading), the twists were good, and the interaction between the characters to be engaging. If I can make a request, I would like to know more about Elise’s mental state. I want to experience the heart to heart between her and Margo. Mainly, I am hoping that Margo can help Elise come back to herself so that we can see two Wyrds kicking butt and taking names, and then going and teaching their other sister.

    And I am also hoping that Q-Bob is going to make another appearance with her magical pen. You told me you had a reason for her, and I want to know what it is, almost as much as you wanted a snow day.

    I’m done writing my requests to the author. After all, it isn’t my story.

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