November is for NaNoing

I thought this picture of me enjoying being the YWP facilitator was cute enough to double-post from the creative writing blog:


I grouse a little bit – or at least, I have this year – about how running the YWP takes away all my time to actually write my own novel. When I have a block of time to write, I spend it updating sticker charts or writing memos or updating the creative writing blog or having infuriating and/or charming conversations with the student participants. The more years I do this, the more I realize that this is either NOT really a one-woman job, or that facilitating and writing are mutually exclusive.

But for all that, it’s dreadfully fun. Lists! And stickers! And silly prizes! And events! And t-shirts! Whee!

Speaking of t-shirts, this year’s were Meredith’s handiwork, taken from a sketchy idea I had and turned into an awesome reality. They’re printed in lightly metallic gold on a crimsony maroon (our school colors) and feature a steampunk-inspired wildcat robot with an old-timey typewriter. Wait – here, you can see for yourself. Cool, huh? (And Jessica, when I debuted mine – in the photo above – I wore my watch gear earrings. :))

BTW – if you’re wondering why I’m wearing a viking hat, I kind of explain it on the CW blog. It’s a NaNo thing.

All right… I figure if I write 3,000-4,000 words a day from here until December, I might actually beat this darn thing. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha. So I guess I’ll go, erm, write?


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