Lighting a Candle

Prayer Candles 2, originally uploaded by Kate & Ryan.

If you’re reading this, I invite you to join me in sending prayers, warm thoughts, alpha waves, what-have-you in my good friend Jessica’s direction. She’s been a rock for me in tough times, and is having some very dreadful times of her own.


4 thoughts on “Lighting a Candle

    • I actually had the exact same thought, JW, and am consequently tabling my other two NaNo ideas and going to the mat with Margo. She’s resisting me right now but I’m going to beat the next chapter out of her one way or the other.

      • lulz.

        I didn’t think I knew JW IRL, and yet, it seems he knows me well ;p

        Didn’t see this until late, but thank you.

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