NaNoWriMo Update… Sorta

So far, my 2010 NaNoWriMo experience has consisted of:

  • staring at Wyrd with bleak despair, wondering what sort of pathological impairment I have that makes me resist ending a novel so badly
  • coming up with A GREAT IDEA that, as it turns out, had about 1,100 words of steam on it
  • reverting back to a previous idea that I’d wanted to play with, falling in love with the idea of it, and then allowing it to give me headaches
  • spending countless hours doing the decapitated chicken routine running the Young Writers Program

So yeah… basically, I’m working my butt off this November, but it’s all for other peoples’ novels. Oh well. That’s the life of an educator for you, I guess!


(My main problem has been headaches. I’ve been having a nasty one behind my eyes off and on for the past week, and it’s been murder on my output. I can blog with my eyes closed – literally – but I tend to look very intently at my words when composing fiction, and it just doesn’t work.)

One thing I have done – that I’ve wanted to do for the past two years – is to set up a blog for my fellow YWP participants. Part of it is news/updates, but a lot of it is fun stuff that I find to share, and I thought y’all might enjoy it. It’ll be sucking up most of my “random blogging” energy this month, so if you’re missing me, check at Mrs. Baker’s Creative Writing Blog (better name will surely be forthcoming). Among other things, I’ve included a cool song, a silly cartoon, a few pep talks, and a picture of the first commercially-produced typewriter that will knock your socks off.

John and Jessica, I’ll try to chip out another few chapters of Wyrd. I really will. The month is young… Right?


One thought on “NaNoWriMo Update… Sorta

  1. :sniff: at least I have the latest tome in the Wheel Of Time to keep me company on the long, dark, Wyrd-less nights

    :rocks back and forth, clutching ‘Towers of Midnight’:

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