Be Excellent to Each Other

I have one of those headaches behind my eyes that makes me want to shoo all of my students out into the hall, close the door behind them, turn out the lights, and hide under my desk until tomorrow morning. Not a bad headache, especially now that I’ve taken two Excederin Migraines and am halfway through a Coke, but all pressure-y.

Fortunately, as usual, Mrs. Chili has come through with some blogging content that brightens my day. I obviously would have gotten a kick out of attending the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear last week, but they inconveniently located it 2,400 miles away from me, so I had to miss it. (Jon Stewart makes my little left-to-moderate heart happy.)

Since I couldn’t go, I really enjoyed browsing the sign pictures on Flickr. If you don’t have time to check them all out (and you don’t; there are THOUSANDS) then enjoy ten eleven several of my favorites. If I’ve done this right, you can click the photo to get to the place I found it.


OMG Snake!


New Info

Church and Hate


I still don’t like the language in the sign below (left) but – despite my best intentions – it made me chuckle, and I loved its neighbor.

Sex and Candy

Beliefs on Sign


Coke is Better



Believe in Government

This next one is just such a joyous photograph:

Panic/Don't Panic


I’m sorry; we’re all out of cake.

Cake or Death

Impractical Medium


And a few that you have to see on their owners’ sites, as downloading was disabled:

I like tea

Responsible comparisons

Screwed you all


Panic/Don't Panic 2


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