Remember to Vote

Tomorrow is Election Day. Go vote! If you’re interested in my opinion, then I have only one highly opinionated thing to say: you’re an idiot if you think you can elect someone hoping for change, and think that they can erase all the damage done and completely change a country’s course in only two years. This nation is a slow-turning son of a gun, and switching directions before you’ve given it time to correct course in the first place is moronic.

The cranky part of me thinks that people should have to pass a test of basic intelligence, civics comprehension, and logic before being permitted into the voting booth…

Anyway. I took a political spectrum quiz that Mrs. Chili also took, and it turns out – according to this particular tool – that I’m a left moderate social libertarian.

My Political Views
I am a left moderate social libertarian
Left: 5.37, Libertarian: 1.03

Political Spectrum Quiz

Sounds about right. I had trouble with some of the questions; how do I honestly rank the statement, Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce? I mean, I absolutely agree – in a snarky sort of way. Some people really SHOULD NOT reproduce. 🙂 But I certainly don’t think it ought to be a law. And I often wasn’t sure how to rank an issue’s importance. My grasp of economics is too poor to have a truly informed opinion about some.

Ryan took it and ended up at about the same place as I did on the X-axis, but a few notches down on the Y-axis. He thinks it possible that this is one of the online political quizzes that deliberately skews the results libertarian, but isn’t sure.

Where do you end up on the graph?


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