Review: Forever Amber

Forever AmberForever Amber by Kathleen Winsor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very readable historical fiction taking place in 17th century England. Before starting it, I read two things about the book; one turned out to be true, and the other not so much. Everything I read about Forever Amber said that it was this fantastically scandalous book full of so much sex that the city of Boston banned it upon publication. And yes, the title character does get around – but this book would only scandalize you if you’re the sort who preferred it when TV/movie couples slept in separate twin beds. Winsor does that adorable 1940s thing where she leads you right up to the idea that these two characters might be about to get it on, and then fades to black and picks the storyline up the next week. Nothing is EVER explicit, and most of the escapades require some careful reading to notice.

On the other hand, anyone who said that it was like Gone With the Wind was speaking the truth. The heroine, plot structure, voice, and sheer physical bulk of this book are all reminiscent of GWTW – in a good way.

Amber is an infuriating heroine, and you keep hoping that the book will conclude with some sort of redemption or comeuppance for her. Whether or not Amber gets what she needs/deserves is in the eye of the reader, I suppose. If you like a good historical fiction, a sprawling tale of a flawed person’s life, court intrigue, etc., then by all means check out this book – I think you’ll like it every bit as much as I did. Just be prepared to want to slap the MC a few times.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Forever Amber

  1. Forever Anber is one of my favorite books. I first read it when I was 16, having bought it thru the Doubleday Book of the Month. The grahic you show here was on the dust cover. I loaned the book to a friend, who lost the cover. I have been looking for this picture ever since.
    Is it possible for you to obtain a higher resolution of this?

    • Ruth, in all honesty, I just got that picture from a Google image search – and I think that’s the full size version. The copy I read was missing its dust jacket, too. However, if I come across an intact copy, I’ll be in touch with a big scan/photograph!

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