“Operation: Summer 2010 Classes” Completed.


Sometimes you take classes, and they’re just hoops through which you must jump (check out that unnecessarily correct and subsequently awkward grammar!). Other times, you don’t even care what grade you get because you’re actually learning something from the class. These two classes fit into the latter category – I actually found them totally applicable to my teaching and, for the most part, enjoyable!*

* For certain values of “enjoyable,” requiring the loss of 3/4 of your summer to sitting in a controlled-climate room talking about grammar and books.

Of course, I hoped that I would do well, because a silly little part of me is rather proud of my 4.0 graduate GPA, and I didn’t want to lose that. So I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I had this grand plan of finishing up my MA by May 2011, but have since decided to take my foot off the gas. I thought, for one thing, that I was required (for financial aid reasons) to do so, but I’m not – I just can’t take any extra classes. Have to graduate within 30 credits. I also thought that it would be fun if Meredith, Aaron, Ryan, Bryn, and I all graduated at the same time, so we could have one big mega party (and four fewer college graduations to attend). Then I realized that we weren’t all going to hit that mark anyway, for various and very good reasons. I thought I was going to have three preps this year, which I’m not, but even two preps is a lot, and I don’t think I want 6-9 MA credits on top of that. Finally, I’m really hoping to be violently but productively ill for a part of this year, and the type of violently ill I’m aiming for sort of de-prioritizes my continuing education (at least in terms of college courses).

Ryan is still rocking his Masters in Educational Technology, and if things go well will have reason to delay continuing that this fall… PLEASE OH PLEASE. Pray for job offers, everyone.

One thought on ““Operation: Summer 2010 Classes” Completed.

  1. It’s easy, after college, to think that grad school + work will be a cakewalk. I wanted to get through my MA in 1 year, instead of the 2 it was supposed to take.

    After that first hellish 3-class-semester-whilst-working-full-time, however (and after 9/11, where the college told us that if we could stay in school, we might want to) I realized that trying to kill myself via education was the height of folly – and subsequently ended up with a whole semester to work on nothing but my thesis, and my job (for which I am eternally thankfully, and still alive)

    Always better to realize that early on in the process. Because slamming through something, and then getting to the end and realizing that you nearly killed yourself for this? just isn’t any fun whatsoever.

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