Hello, Ladies.

I’ve always more or less been a fan of Old Spice. My dad used it when I was growing up, and it had that nautical feel to it that has always appealed to this figurative sea-captain. Then along came Isaiah Mustafa and his epic-win one-shot commercials, and I was done for. Sign me up for the fan club. (And no, it’s not Mustafa himself – it really is the corniness of the commercial that I love.)

I also enjoyed watching proof that BYU has a sense of humor, even though they outlawed motorized couches.

It was only a matter of time before my aftershave obsession met up with a discussion about Blue Thunder promotional materials and ran smack dab into my frustrated-due-to-lack-of-time creative streak. I sat down at my computer at about 9:45 last night and made myself a funny. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: I’m on a Bronco.

Blue Thunder Old Spice parody poster

Obviously this is an example of the “If you can’t make art, make comedy” school of graphic design. Meredith is working on some real posters that are gorgeous and look like they were made by someone who knew what they were doing – I just couldn’t resist the temptation to be a smart alec.

Old SpiceI used digital turf samples that Ryan worked up for some desktop backgrounds for the top half of the poster. The bottom half is intended to be reminiscent of the classic Old Spice advertisements, only orange instead of red. I could have spent more time creating that burnt-edges look; it’s actually a little more prominent than it seems, but I plopped the photo in the middle and covered up the gradient.

Despite my very best efforts, I couldn’t track down the actual Old Spice typeface. I ultimately decided that browsing through script faces wasn’t nearly as much fun as actually making the poster, so I went with what I think is a fairly close approximation: typefacesAdine Kimberg-Script by David Rakowski, available for free download on dafont.com. I wasn’t as picky about the other typeface (the “SMELL LIKE A MAN, MAN” bit); I just picked a sans-serif with rounded edges (Arial Rounded MT Bold, in this case) and went with it. If I were revising this poster, I might change the text from white to that Old Spice parchment color and add a little texture– not sure.

I got a screenshot of the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercial via GIS and used Quick Mask in Photoshop to pull Isaiah out, along with the edge of the boat, which I thought looked a bit like the railing on the upper deck of the stadium. At this point in the game, Ryan began doing graphic designer yogic breathing to keep himself from telling me that I was doing this the wrong way. If I were to revise, I’d probably let him do the image extraction – he’s better at it, and could probably eliminate the unintended halo effect that I ended up with (although I don’t mind it; I think it adds to the cheese factor that it’s so obviously ‘shopped).

I couldn’t find the right background picture among our thousands of Blue Thunder photographs, so I went to teh intranetz. It wasn’t long at all before I found the perfect photograph, on Jason Haberman’s Flickr stream. Jason is this awesome dude whose blog I accidentally found a couple of years ago. He’s a big Boise State fan and takes some awesome pictures, some of which have been published in a BSU athletics magazine that they printed up last winter. Anyway, not thinking that I’d actually be doing anything with this poster, I blithely stole his picture and used it for my designing playtime. Now that I’m actually showing the results to people, I’ve belatedly asked his permission to use the source image and may be replacing it in the near future – I’m a bad, bad web citizen for not asking first, and I hope he doesn’t get mad. Jason, I’m sorry!

I positioned Mustafa on top of Jason’s photo, but I really wanted to lose the bottle of body wash in his hand. It was easy enough to get rid of the bottle, but harder to find a replacement. I wanted to have him holding a drum or drumsticks, but nothing really fit his posture correctly. In the end, I GISed a trumpet, cut out all the background, and adjusted it to an almost-but-not-quite realistic size and angle. If you look carefully (or not that carefully; it’s really quite appalling) you can see that there’s no hand behind the trumpet. I am nothing if not a lazy Photoshopper!

The frame was made by hand by taking a large GISed pic of wood grain and cutting/sizing strips of said image to the appropriate shapes. There just weren’t any wood frames online that were the right size and aesthetic.

So there you have it. We can play a game of “how many copyright/netiquette rules did I violate” but it’s all just for giggles. If anyone’s mad, I’ll fix it.


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