Nearing the summit…

38Who here is in the mood for another chapter of Wyrd?

I think that we’re getting close… I’ve got all of these bits and pieces that want to be worked in, and I’m not positive that they’ll all fit correctly, but hey – that’s what the revision process is for, right? I’ve got the entire story worked out in my head, all except for (naturally) the part I need to write next. In fact, the other day I was driving to work, and part of the story wrote itself in my head – it actually gave me cold chills. Of course, that might have actually just been the cold car. But I’ll give my INESTIMABLE CREATIVE GENIUS the benefit of the doubt.

This is exciting to write. Not because I think it’s the best story ever, or that I’m the best writer ever, or anything else along those lines. No; it’s exciting because, for the first time ever, I’m writing a first draft and consciously thinking about and planning for revision. It seems to have taken me until I was almost thirty, but I’m finally acting like a real writer.

Anyway, the chapter is here, the password is the same stupid old thing, and, as always, I’ll love ya forever if you leave me a comment, because I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.


One thought on “Nearing the summit…

  1. Sucker. I want to know the plan. I felt a bit like that was a dangled carrot, but I am fine with coming to the conclusion. I have this compulsion to know what happens to the end of the story.

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