Our Furry Little Family

Family Retouched

I’d say that I wondered what Paisley and d’Artagnan were looking at, but I know – it’s Wilford. He decided that the moment when I’m holding for dear life onto a panicky indoor cat was the best possible moment to sashay across the yard.

Wilford Snowball Sophie

That’s Wilford, solid white, and Sophie in flamepoint. Wilford’s real name is Snowball, but really  – how undignified, right? Before we found out his real name, we started to call him Wilford and it just stuck. He lived next door, but then they moved and he was miserable in his new place, so he came back to our neighborhood. We’re one of at least two families taking care of him now.

It’s difficult to give a simple answer to “how many pets do you have?” in this household. We have one dog, and – as best as we can figure it – 1 and 5/6 cats. d’Artagnan is the one cat, Sophie is a half of a cat (because she could care less if we exist 360 days out of the year), and Wilford is one third of a cat, because he never comes inside and we only see him every third day or so.

Kate and Paisley  Ryan and d'Artagnan

This picture of d’Artagnan, with Ryan, is pretty funny in terms of perspective – he’s this tiny little cat, but he practically looks like a Maine Coon in that shot.

Ryan and Paisley  Kate and d'Artagnan

Anyway, there you have it – our furry little family… Happy Easter!


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