See, Blogging CAN Take You Places!

A week ago, I got an email from someone from Warner Brother Records.

Hi Kate,
I noticed on your blog that you’re a fan of Owl City, and I’m wondering if you would like to attend and review LIGHTS’ show with Owl City at the Knitting Factory in Boise on March 30th! If you’d like to go to the show, please give me your mailing address so I can mail you a pair of tickets. I’d be happy to send you an album as well.

I immediately had several thoughts:

  1. Merh?
  2. Did I ever blog about Owl City? Oh yeah, I guess I did. Seventeen whole syllables.
  3. I’m not sure I can necessarily be classified as a fan… I like that song, though. I mean, they’re not on my “favorite music” list on Facebook or anything.
  4. Free tickets to a sold-out concert? For this hermit? AWESOME.
  5. Wait, maybe this guy is a crazy stalker who is trying to get my home address so he’ll know exactly when I won’t be home so he can come in and steal my… what? Collection of Piers Anthony paperbacks? Dirty dishes? HAVE AT IT, BRO.
  6. There ought to be an s after that apostrophe.

Once upon a time, I was actually a professional review columnist. Kind of. I mean, I wrote reviews, and I got paid for them. But it was for the Arbiter (I decided not to type “Arsebiter,” aren’t I nice?) so I’m not sure if that really counts as “professional.” And then, for a while, I was pretty serious about writing book reviews. But it’s been a while. And I’ve never been cold-contacted for it before.

Is it okay if I don’t play it cool? Because I was pretty excited, got to admit.

Anyway, I replied with my MIL’s post office box address, because I’m all INTERNET SAFETY, Y’ALL, and they put me plus one on the guest list, and they sent me a CD, and I listened and liked what I heard, and I obsessed over what I wanted to wear, and picked out the wrong thing, of course, because that’s what I do, and then last night Ryan and I went to the Owl City concert.

Or rather, the Paper Route and LIGHTS concert with Owl City there, too. Because, as it turns out, I’m old and get headaches when I sit too close to the speakers and didn’t eat dinner first. So I didn’t, uhm, stay for the whole thing. DON’T JUDGE ME.

The purpose of this post is to commemorate my second-ever BETTER LIVING THROUGH BLOGGING experience (the first, of course, being when I complained about my Dell laptop, got contacted by Dell customer service, and ended up with a free color printer) and to hold this spot until I can finish my review of LIGHTS and get it posted. In the meantime – a big thank you to Warner Brothers Records for inviting me, and a big thank you also to the Knitting Factory for immediately recognizing that Ryan and I didn’t really want to be in the middle of the mob scene downstairs and upgrading us to the VIP lounge! Because we’re old! NO, BECAUSE WE ARE VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE.


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