Into the Dark

Last night I dreamed that Ryan and I had died and gone on to… the next place (not sure whether it was supposed to be heaven, or what).

According to my dream-brain, “the next place” is a band rehearsal. More specifically, it’s a first day of college band camp rehearsal, all disorganized and chaotic, standing around with your instruments and sun-hats wondering what is to come. All these people; some you’ve never met before, but they seem vaguely familiar, like you’d run into them at band festivals… others that you haven’t seen in a long time, and some of them you’d missed and are happy to see again, and with others you’re indifferent or even a little annoyed that they’re there again…

Ryan and I had arrived, and were milling around the band rehearsal taking in the situation, when word came that there were a bunch of people waiting who couldn’t get there. People who had missed “the next place” and ended up in The Dark. Someone needed to go get them, and Ryan volunteered. I stayed behind with Martin (you can’t take “it” with you, but apparently you can take your ax) and waited while he went to get them.

After a few minutes, a line of stragglers came into the rehearsal area. They looked tired and relieved, dressed like refugees of the afterlife, because apparently in The Dark no one gives you a mirror. Big, brightly-colored cowboy hats. Too-short shorts and loud Hawaiian shirts. Mismatched parts of marching band uniforms. Hair badly in need of trims. They came in from The Dark in single file, walking past us and joining the rehearsal.

I waited, and as the passage into The Dark closed, realized that Ryan hadn’t come back with them. I shouted for someone – whomever was in charge – to wait, but no one heard me. I fought my way through the crowd, looking for the band director – and no, I don’t think it was Dave – to try to get Him or Her to help me, but just as I thought I’d found the director, my alarm clock went off and I woke up, leaving the rehearsal behind and Ryan lost somewhere out in The Dark.

And now I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, and that with the rainy weather is making me one pensive panda.


4 thoughts on “Into the Dark

  1. I am not lost.

    If I were lost I’d damn well find my way back to you. I loves you.

    (Plus, it doesn’t matter if the gates are locked… I’m with the band, we find our way in – with or without tickets.)

  2. awwww, Ryan, I knew you was a sap. 😉

    and apparently, The Dark is full of California based college band folks. Cause the apparel sounds exceedingly familiar…

    …which would mean Ryan wasn’t lost. He was just waiting around for the last stragglers to finish getting their caravan speeding ticket and then catch up to the rest. He’ll catch up to you, have faith.

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