Back on the Horse Before it Kicks Me


When you don’t blog for a while, it’s really hard to start again. Kind of like going to the gym.

School (the kind I teach) is better this semester. School (the kind I attend) is tough, but I mostly enjoy it. Two online graduate classes in educational technology. I’m having to make a video this week, which has sucked. I think I might get to where I like making videos all right, but not until I get a better computer. Turns out my laptop just can’t handle video editing software.

I guess I had something akin to walking pneumonia for the past month. Took a lot of being sick, an inhaler, magic cough medicine, and a round of horse antibiotics to kick it. That was fun.

Haven’t been reading or writing or doing anything the least bit fun, unless you count my homework as fun, which I do, sometimes. I’m teaching To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby, so it feels like Classics Month in the ole classroom.

This upcoming Saturday I’m in an orchestra concert, and I’m interviewing for a coveted slot in the Boise State National Writing Project. Wish me luck – both at hitting the triangle at the right moment, and in nailing the interview. Chances are I won’t be able get in this year, but I surely would like to.

Oh – I’ve been fighting with the financial aid office a lot lately. Fortunately, that’s over. Victory = mine, etc.

That’s pretty much it. I’d like a week off to just run around and take pictures of things. That sounds like a good time right about now. Mostly I’m kind of wrung-out; a vacation, I feel, is in order…


2 thoughts on “Back on the Horse Before it Kicks Me

  1. I will fight for you for BSWP! I need another tech person to help me, plus, you will LOVE it and they will love you! So glad you are applying! :-)))

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