Ah’m Not Dead Yet

And I thought I was being bad at posting on my other blogs!
I was just telling my teacher blog that I’d been a bad blogger, mostly due to sickness, graduate classes, and work.
I still can’t kick this germ, and I’m beginning to wonder if it has gone ahead and mutated into something dire. I guess there’s something called “walking pneumonia” that sucks, but is usually mild enough that you can keep on about your daily goings-on while just thinking you have a particularly gnarly cold. Anyway, I’m officially on antibiotics now, so we’ll see if that has any effect. After a week on reflex-suppressors and a bronchodilator, I’m no longer coughing due to “tickly throat” – I can feel loose gunk in my lungs, but am not terribly good at getting it out.
I’m taking two graduate-level EDTECH classes. Some of what we’re doing is fun and easy, and some of it is kicking my butt. The worst of it all is that I’m also engaging in trench warfare with the financial aid office, which has apparently decided that I’ve had entirely too much education already and don’t deserve any of my student loans. “Frustrated” and “furious” don’t adequately express how this has made me feel. Add on the fact that I think my meds are making me cranky, and I’ve just been a bundle of joy to be around!
And I’m teaching two books for the first time. I’ve read both of them, but only remember (or even remotely enjoy) one. And for that one, I’ve had good help. This other book is kind of a pain, so it’s taking up an awful lot of my mental energy.
I’m not getting anything done.


One thought on “Ah’m Not Dead Yet

  1. I had walking pneumonia back in HS, during summer school. Lemme tell you how much THAT sucked (although at least it was the summer AFTER I got my wisdom teeth out, thank the light).

    You can tell it’s pneumonia if you take a couple of slow, deep breaths and feel a persistent rattle in your lungs (I felt it in my back, which was weird, but still in the lungs) If it’s higher, it’s more likely to be bronchitis. I also felt like I’d recovered from the cold, stuffy/breathing wise, but the rattle stuck around. That one requires prescription cough syrup, which WILL MAKE YOU SLEEPY. (The worst part about it was the treatment, since I forgot and took the meds before a major math test….with no caffeine to counteract the effects)

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