Getting More Edumacated

I’m taking two online courses in Educational Technology this semester, both of which go toward some graduate certificate or the other that I’d like to earn in addition to my MA. I probably wouldn’t be detouring into certificate land if there were any classes for my MA available, but there aren’t, so there we are.

Anyway, one of my classes (“Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum,” although I keep trying to say Education instead of Technology) requires that I keep a blog with mandated posts each week. I hemmed and hawed, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want to use my existing edublog for this purpose. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if my anonymity over there got shattered, but I’d like to hang onto it as long as I can.

In conclusion: I’ve set up a dedicated EDTECH blog called Half-Bakered Ideas. (It was just “Kate Baker Thinks About Educational Technology,” but Mom made fun of my inspired title, so I had to get creative.) It isn’t likely to be very interesting, but it should be… uhm… informative? Educational? Technological? Full of… cupcakes?

Feel free to read. And please, forgive me if my posting (and noveling) gets a little sporadic. I’ve never taken online courses before, and I’m not sure what it’s going to do to my mental energy levels.

6 thoughts on “Getting More Edumacated

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how this goes. I work in a charter school that’s trying to integrate technology into the classrooms, and so far we’re only having limited success…

  2. I took one online course when I was in college – and thankfully, it was with a professor I’d had in real life – one that knew that my missing of assignments must mean that I was forgetting about my “online classroom”. I’d just forget to go, because there was no physical classroom! So he started sending me reminders, which helped immensely.

    I doubt your classes will let you do that – so set “class time” and remind yourself to get on and “go to class”.

    Also “And please, forgive me if my posting (and noveling) gets a little sporadic.”

    ? GETS sporadic? ;p

  3. Hey, I’m a more-than fulltime employee. I’ve got excuses. I really admire people who manage to juggle work, family, and daily substantive blog posts, but I don’t know how they do it. One of those Hermione-gadgets? I feel pretty good if I blog every few days, get most of my grading done, and get five hours of sleep a night. Anything more than that is just frosting…

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