Ten Questions

What’s the last movie you saw in the theater, and what did you think of it?

Avatar. I agree with the general consensus: worth seeing for being beautiful, not necessarily for the plot. Basically, it’s an PG13-rated Fern Gully seasoned with Medicine Man, The Matrix, and Rambo – maybe with a little Jurassic Park – all with astonishing visuals and lackluster music. And the bad guy looked like President Eisenhower.

Look up. What’s on the wall opposite you?

A bulletin board that needs updating, a whiteboard with the day’s agenda on it (framed with a string of miniature paper lanterns), a cardboard cutout of Dumbledore, and a poster with a Dalmation surrounded by Dalmation-spotted cats reading “In a world full of copycats, be an original!”

How many other living creatures (fauna, not flora) are currently in the room with you?


What magazines do you subscribe to?

Harpers (a free subscription that I regret, believe it or not), periodically the NEA magazine and the English Journal, and sometimes Newsweek. I’m thinking about subscribing to Wired. I still get copies of The Middle School Journal from time to time, too.

What kind of book do you like to read?

Implying, I take it, that there’s only one kind? Right now I’m slacking a bit – I’m on a paranormal mystery/romance kick that has lasted for several months and shows no real signs of letting up. Nothing wrong with that, except that it’s not terribly intellectual of me. I like books with great stories, whether fiction or nonfiction, but more importantly, I like authors with a great voice. I don’t like to read boring things – for me, a book or a movie or a song should be about entertainment, not about work, unless it is for work, in which case I’d better be getting a paycheck or a grade for it. 🙂

What color is your shirt?

I’m wearing an acid-green and hot pink argyle cardigan over a hot pink camisole. Sound loud enough? 🙂

What is your most embarrassing childhood crush?

Oh, this one is easy. Gadget Hackwrench, hands down. Far more embarrassing than Don Karnage. Who, as it turns out, has his own Facebook page. Why am I not surprised?

What websites do you frequent?

Google, Gmail, Google Reader, PowerTeachers, Facebook, Fark, WordPress, MSNBC, Idaho Statesman, Amazon. That’s really about it, actually, if I think about it…

What do you currently wish?

That the school day would hurry up and be over so that I could go to the restroom. How come teachers don’t get bathroom passes?

No one ever does these things unless they’re trying to put off doing something else. What are you currently procrastinating?

Writing the junior final.

It’s very junior high of me, I guess, but I’m TOTALLY tagging people because it gives me something to do other than watch the clock and dream of potties. I’d like Angela, Jenny, Mrs. Chili, Meredith, Jessica, and Sarita to answer these questions.


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