Not that too many people are actually interested in this… but I thought I’d give a brief update about Wyrd and other writings.

Firstly: the Wyrd hiatus (a holiday I’ve imposed upon myself for the month of December) is drawing quickly to a close. I’m feeling a little badly about leaving Margo in such a sticky situation, and figure I probably ought to get her out of there before too long! I’ve got several key scenes worked out in my head and just need to do the hard part – sitting down at the keyboard and figuring out all of the stuff that sticks those key scenes together. The way I figure it, we’re getting pretty close to the story’s climactic point – showdown at the school. After that, though, there are some pretty good peaks; after all, no one ever said that the falling action had to be a smooth ride, right?

Secondly: those of you interested in the progress of the Dave book/Blue Thunder book might be interested to know that I’ve gathered enough stuff, I think, and will be pulling everything together in the next couple of months. It’s a time-consuming job, so don’t expect a finished product right away, but it’s coming. And if you still had something to add, go ahead – the sooner you send it in, the better your chances of it being included, but right now I can certainly still fit things in.

Thirdly: why is it that cool new story ideas always come to you when you’re knee-deep in an existing story? I had an idea that I’d like to pursue. I’m not sure if it’s a short story or a longer piece, which is unusual – usually I know it isn’t a short story. 🙂 Not going to share any details at this point, except to say that it has something to do with religion and something to do with my apparent fascination with superheroes…

Fourthly: I wonder if I should try to spend some time working on shorter pieces and trying to get published in magazines…

Fifthly: my writing will probably get a bit of a boost now due to increased portability! In fact, I’m hoping to get a little bit done on the bus trip to Phoenix. How, you ask? Why, I have a computer in my purse! (Actually, right now it’s on my lap.) The miniature keyboard is slowing down my typing speed a little, and I’m having to type with my fingertips a bit, but seriously – the convenience of having a computer the size of a paperback? Un-bee-leev-a-bull. Plus we got it on a great after-Christmas sale, so while it isn’t the exact model or color I’d thought I’d wanted, we saved well over a hundred bucks – and that can go toward a colored skin, ja?


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