Friday was a day for memorials. After school, I went to Tom Trusky’s memorial service. I had to duck out early to get gussied up for the Blue Thunder banquet, and of course, it had a certain memorial feeling to it as well, beings as it was the first banquet we’ve had without Dave. I was happy that the students found a good balance between honoring their departed director and maintaining a celebratory sense to the evening. Two back-to-back, full-blown memorials, for the two men at Boise State I most admired, would have been just a little bit much for me to bear, I think.

My sister Meredith is one of those people who isn’t just artistic, she’s an artist. She has technical chops, good ideas, sense, a natural eye, and ridiculous amounts of innate talent. And she creates with purpose – her work has story, meaning, to it.

In the months since Dave passed away, Meredith has created several works of art to honor his memory. The most recent was an installation of small, multimedia, illustrated panels, unveiled for the first time at banquet. I don’t have a very good picture of the finished product, but she sent me some of the panels before they were completed, and (totally without her permission) I’d like to share a couple of them. I’m loving this style that she’s experimenting with – watercolors, text, simple but evocative line drawings…


There were seven panels in all. Meredith resisted, but I threatened to [fill-in-the-blank big sister torment] her, so she let me snap a picture of her next to the installation.

After banquet, someone told Lavaughn (Dave’s wife, because “widow” is a depressing word and I’m sorry but I can’t quite call her that) about the installation, and she went to see for herself. That’s when I took the following picture, which isn’t technically very good but which I like quite a lot.

Lavaughn and Meredith


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