Thinking about Writing


from the very fun Will Write for Chocolate by Debbie Ridpath Ohi


I’m getting ready for November. Going to try to run the Young Writers’ Program again, with high schoolers this time. And I want to fail at NaNoWriMo again. But I also want to keep working on Wyrd.


rebelI’m considering being a NaNo Rebel.

You’re supposed to start from scratch. NaNo believes that you need to start from scratch, or else you’ll be too invested in your pre-existing story to really loosen up and spew out the mass quantities of rough draftage.

From previous experience, though, I know it’s pretty darned unlikely that I’m going to get anywhere near 50K while teaching and running the YWP. I just want to get more accomplished on Wyrd, and I know that the structure of NaNo will help me with that.

There’s a forum on the NaNo message boards for NaNo Rebels – people who are in some way bending the rules. Maybe they’re writing memoir, or a collection of short stories. Or maybe they’re continuing an already-started book. Obviously, the word count starts at zero, wherever it is that you are in the story.

I feel terrible about “cheating”… but I think I’m gonna do it…


2 thoughts on “Thinking about Writing

  1. the purpose is to write a novel, yes?

    I don’t see how working on “Wyrd” is cheating. Just remember to write like it’s Nanowrimo, and not another “chapter” – because IIRC, editing is right out in Nanowrimo.

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