Five Fantastic Facts About MY MOMMY

1. She’s my auxiliary brain – the person who always knows the right thing to do, who remembers what I forget, and who never runs out of good ideas.

2. When she’s sitting above me on the boat, and the sun is setting behind her, she looks like Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen.

3. She’s the best photographer I know. No fuss, no fancy gadgets – just right to the heart of the picture.

4. Life has thrown her down N times, but she’s gotten up N+1 times, even when it seemed pretty dang impossible.

5. She loves life and doing things and being silly – hot air balloons, pirate costumes, trips with no itinerary, toys at Christmastime.

Bonus Fact:
Best Mom ever.

Happy birthday!!! I love you. 🙂


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