Being too busy to be creative…

…makes my creative side wake up. I’ve got about a dozen different writing projects I’d like to be doing right about now, plus I’m itching to finally get an Etsy shop set up for my sister (and maybe me, too, if she’ll take on a less artistic partner).

I’m trying to focus, trying to behave. Even artists have to have discipline, right?

I’ve been writing a novel. The ambitious part of me would like to interject and say that I’m actually writing a series of novels, but since I’ve only managed 23,000 words of the first book, I think that’s a bit premature. The problem is that I’m not getting it done. I was going gangbusters for a few months, but it took me four months to get from chapter 12 to chapter 13, and I haven’t written a word since July. I knew that follow-through might be a problem, so I’d been posting each chapter on an online community. Some amazing people were reading my story, leaving some good comments, and – most importantly – urging me forward when I stopped writing. Unfortunately, the nature of the online community made it all too easy for me to ignore – so I decided to step up the game. (And hopefully, in the process, I won’t lose the readers I’ve already been so fortunate to gain.)

All fourteen chapters of my novel, which is called (at this point) Wyrd, are now posted on this blog. I imported them from the original date posted, so they’re kind of spread out. There’s a navigable table of contents here. Additionally, it’s password protected, in a weak attempt to protect copyright (should that ever become an issue). If you ask, I’ll give you the password. And hopefully, it will come in handy, because I’ll start writing again.

I don’t know if it’s any good. I only know that the people who have been reading claim to enjoy it from time to time – and that I want to know what happens next, which seems like it should be a good sign.

The story begins here. Please let me know what you think – feedback is what maintains my forward progress.


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