Give Me One Moment in Time

One of my new favorite blogs, Geek in Heels, went to the Time magazine cover archives and searched for the cover from the week she was born. Her results seemed to indicate that she was, in fact, born to be a geek.

I’m happy to be able to verify those findings, as I (also a geek, although rarely in heels) got the same cover:

December 6 1980

(I’m using the cover that came out the week I was born, rather than the one that was hypothetically on news stands that day. After all, magazines usually come out several days before their publication date – at least to subscribers.)

Amused, I looked up Ryan’s cover. Although it’s Colorado and not Boise, I thought his result was pretty apropos:

January 16 1978

To those who are currently saying, “No! You must use the cover that is dated before the birth date,” I have the following cover to offer. See, I really can’t go wrong with Ryan’s.

January 9 1978

I looked up our parents, and was disappointed to find that Time covers from that time period weren’t really at all funny. Giving up, I moved on to our siblings. Ryan’s little sister got a Kissinger memoirs cover – not funny. My little sister, though… well, the picture says it all.

July 28 1986

Find your birthday cover here – and if you love it, you can even buy it.

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