Beginning to look like a classroom!

Class Pan 1


Click to enlarge…

The first one was taken from the back middle of the room, and the second from the doorway – sorry about the discrepancy. There’s stuff in the way so I couldn’t stand in the same spot this time.

Need to get the rest of my books figured out. There are some missing in the garage… Also probably need to iron my curtains – not sure how best to go about that. Can I iron on the carpeted floor? Where’s the home ec classroom?

2 thoughts on “Beginning to look like a classroom!

  1. most schools use fire-proof carpets, which melt instead of burning

    so I’d suggest either laying down a towel betwixt the carpet and the curtains, or keep it to a low heat setting

  2. Good call on the towel. That would have been an unpleasant surprise…

    And hooray for being able to (temporarily, at least) get to my blog from my classroom! Wonder how long this will last?

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