Classroom Website

Okay, Microsoft – “website” is a word. Back off with your squiggly red lines.

Anyway, I’ve got my classroom website all up and running. If by “I’ve got” I mean “my talented in-house web developer has.” I haven’t written all the content yet, but I think all of the little bits and pieces are operational.

Could you stop by and see what you think? Look for broken links, things that look stupid, things that don’t display correctly on your browser?

I’m planning to take my kids to the computer lab early on – first week of school – to give them the tour and teach them how to use it. Let me know if you see something that isn’t intuitive that will require special attention.

Class website

One thought on “Classroom Website

  1. It is gorgeous! Kudos to your in-house developer. His momma must have raised him right. (Ha!) I have tried most of the links and all seem to be in good order.

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