The Kitty No One Knows

People have heard of our cat, d’Artagnan, but few have actually seen him. Fewer still have touched him. He’s an enormously shy – some would say standoffish – feline. It’s honestly not a matter of rudeness; he is, for some unknown reason, terrified of everything. To my knowledge, he’s never been abused or neglected. We adopted him from a family when he was a kitten and have taken very good care of him ever since. And yet, he’s still convinced that every noise is a monster and everyone is a bogeyman.

Except, that is, for R and myself. And it’s hard to explain exactly what a sweet cat he is to people who think he’s a prickly touch-me-not. He insists on cuddling under our arms, being held like a floppy teddy bear. He doesn’t mind if he’s on his back, if we hold his feet, if we play with his tail or his belly. He runs to the door to greet us, “talking” all the while. His favorite thing in the world is to find a rubber band or hair band, bring it to us while we are in bed, and have us shoot it across the room or into the hall. He’ll play catch with us for hours, if Paisley doesn’t steal the rubber band from him mid-chase.

He also has literary interests. If I’m computing on the bed, and  leave the room, I’ll return to find him curled up on the keyboard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to find that I’ve been Googling “fffffffffffffffghb nop0-er” or that I’ve opened up fifteen different Microsoft Help windows. And,of course, like any good kitty cat – especially one named after a fictional character – he likes to curl up with a good book.


d’Artagnan, in one of his more feline-traditional poses.


Upside down, receiving belly rubs.


Sleeping in his favorite place (on my head)
and pretending not to be a demon cat.

Oh here, we need another shot of that:


In that one, Paisley’s helping.


He likes cameras, too. 🙂


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