I’ve been spending some time wandering through the CD shelves at the LIBRARY! and giving my iTunes an infusion of fresh music. Not sure, honestly, what the legality of that is. I mean, it’s at the library – if I’m not going to redistribute and/or sell it, is it okay to import it to my personal computer? One hopes, because one does…

Anyway, the iTunes are shuffling, and I’m listening to:

  • Yo-Yo Ma on the Seven Years in Tibet soundtrack
  • Tower of Power
  • Shitake Monkey
  • Bowling for Soup
  • the Dave Matthews Band (not that I didn’t have them before, of course)
  • Arcade Fire
  • Onomatopoeia – easily the coolest named musical ensemble this side of the Boise River
  • The Corrs
  • Wilco (which, I maintain – despite what iTunes wants me to believe – does not belong in the country genre)
  • KT Tunstall – specifically, Drastic Fantastic
  • More Music From Northern Exposure
  • a Dark Side of the Moon tribute by the Vitamin String Quartet
  • and Blake Lewis, who was robbed

What are you listening to? What would you recommend to me? More importantly, what would you recommend that I can also find at the Boise and/or Ada libraries?


2 thoughts on “Listening

  1. Hmm, tough to say what’s available from the Boise library, but you could always put in a hold request. I always recommend Michael Franti & Spearhead (specifically, the “Yell Fire!” album). They’re coming to the Idaho Botanical Garden in September–we just got tickets yesterday and I am so! excited!

    They do a blend of world/reggae/protest music. It’s great.

  2. iTunes says Wilco is in the country genre? Maybe a song or two, but on the whole … iTunes Fail.

    Arcade Fire is a good choice. Funeral is my favorite of their “offerings”. Neon Bible is good too. (Except for the part where he says, “Working for the church while your family dies.” I’ve always resented that line, even though the song is FANTASTIC!)

    If I were making recommendations based on my current playlists, my recommendations would include:

    The Decemberists (Crane Wife)
    Wilco (Wilco [the album] — except for Wilco [the song]. I do not love it.)
    Avett Brothers (Emotionalism)
    Mark Olson (The Salvation Blues)
    Ben Folds (Songs for Silverman)

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