Another Great T-Shirt Site

Yeah, I’d say it would be pretty safe to add many of these to my birthday list, too. 🙂

The website in question is, and while not all of their shirts are up my alley, they’ve got some excellent literary-referenced (and other) shirts. Unfortunately, they’re in the UK, so I’m not exactly sure how much the shirts cost (about fifteen pounds?) or whether they’d be available on this side of the pond. Still, worth sharing!

1984 Opening Lines


Doubleplusungood (from 1984)

Don’t Panic (from the Hitchhiker books)

 Ford, You’re Turning into a Penguin (Hitchhiker)

Call Me Ishmael 

Catcher in the Rye Opening Lines

Apostrophe Protection Society

Intentionally Left Blank 

Devil’s Advocate


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