Birthday List – What, I Can’t Start My List in July?

Meredith has a birthday coming up this month, but she hasn’t posted her wish list yet, so I’m going to start mine so that all you plan-aheaders can get a head start. 🙂

Today’s list of things I want are all t-shirts. One of my favorite college professors, Mary Ellen Ryder, always taught in hilarious linguistics- or teaching-related shirts, and I’d like to have some of my own – not only because I think they’re cool, but because it seems like a fitting tribute to a crazy and caring teacher after her untimely death last fall.

So in case anyone is reading this and actually wants to stock my wardrobe – I’m a unisex medium, unless they’re sized big, in which case I could do a small. In women’s tees it really depends on the cut, but I’m usually a large or XL – if you look under measurements, look for a cross-chest measurement of at least 18″, preferably 19″.

I’ll start with my two very favorite shirts and go on from there in no particular order:


$15 on


$9.95 on Neatorama

I’m So Adjective, I Verb Nouns

$16 on Sharing Machine

Life is Like a Box of Terrible Analogies

$9 from

I’m an English Major – You Do The Math

$17.97 at

Hobbits are Tolkien Minorities

$17.97 at


$13 at Sharing Machine

I’m a Noun!

$9 at

Grammar Police

$30 (ouch – not worth it!) at Barry’s World

Peace Love Literature

pll $27 at Zazzle

Idioms are for the Birds

$17.97 at

Plot – It Builds Character

Lady Macbeth Hand Soap

$17.97 or $12 (in yellow) at

Today is a Good Day to Read

$19 from

Read Irresponsibly

$19 from

Writing Well is the Best Revenge

  $20 from

I ❤ Irony

$16 from

Waiting for the Deus Ex Machina

Shift Happens

$12 from Busted Tees – and no, I probably couldn’t wear this one around students! 🙂

Will Work For Books

$19 at



  $16 from Sharing Machine


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