Fangirl Pokes Head Out, Squeals, Runs Back to Hide

Is it wrong of me to think that the last thirty seconds of this [goes to YouTube] are basically the coolest thing ever?

I feel like such a fangirl! But forget boys that sparkle – I prefer mine howly, thank you very much.

Updated: teh intranetz are such wonderful things. Thank you, New Moon Movie website, for compiling the pertinent stills from the trailer:

jacob to wolf

The funny thing is, now that I think about it, I know/knew a boy named Jacob Black. Tall and blonde, as I recall. Trumpet player? I dearly hope that he didn’t grow up to become a teacher, because if he did I know his female students give him grief.

This all leads me to another point of “concern” (inasmuch as anything as trivial as Twilight – sorry, diehards! – can cause real concern). I’m a teacher. Is it okay that I think the wolfier Jacob Black is pretty easy on the eye, and a lycanthrope to boot? I’ve been dismissing this question with two reassurances:

  • lots of my fellow teachers get all googly-eyed over Edward
  • teenage characters are always played by young-looking adult actors

Well, after enjoying that trailer, I decided I’d better do some research. I confirmed that both of my bullet points are valid for Team Edward; Richard Pattinson, the favored Twi-hunk of my female peers, is 23 years old.

So then I looked up Taylor Lautner. Turns out he’s… uh… seventeen. Damnit!

Sigh. It’s one thing to have a schoolgirl crush on a werewolf, but quite another if you’re the schoolmarm instead!

Please don’t arrest me for being on … just buy me this shirt instead. 🙂


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