Buying, Playing, and New Arrivals

Right now, I would REALLY like to buy this. I love it to death. It’s perfect for my bike.

Instead, I think I am going to go buy a push broom and some groceries. Meh. Also perfect for a bike is fuel for its rider, right?


* * *


In other news, I am apparently going to be playing percussion (cannot, in good conscious, call myself a percussionist, even now) for the Meridian Symphony Orchestra! La sorella has been playing horn for them for a while; I had expressed mild wistfulness about playing with an orchestra up until their May 12 Young Artist competition concert, when the sheer beauty of the music collided with my desire to play just as they began advertising for some more percussionists. (Dude, that’s a long sentence. Yikes.)

I went to their rehearsal last night, and talked with the director afterwards. We agreed that I was not what he was looking for in the whole “able to play snare drum with any confidence whatsoever” category, but as it turns out, he was also looking for someone to play mallets. Piano background to the rescue! I’ve been playing primarily mallets in ACCB this past year, and while I’m certainly not up to par with someone with any actual training on mallets, I’m not bad. I’m a good reader and, more  importantly, I have a good sense of internal rhythm.


* * *


Teh intranetz are a weird and wonderful thing, wherein you can grow to feel acquainted with someone even if you’ve never  spoken to one another in person. I am one of roughly three gazillion people who feel inexplicably friendly with Heather Armstrong (a.k.a Dooce) despite being fully aware that she has no idea that I exist.

Despite that, I feel moved to welcome her latest masterpiece, Marlo Iris Armstrong. Congratulations! (Cute baby pictures if you follow the link.)


* * *


And yes, Jessica, I’m writing. Teh blogz, they warm up le barrette and il cervello. And if a small portion of that creative energy is expelled in surreptitiously using Babel Fish to affect a familiarity with Italian nouns, well – nyah. 🙂


One thought on “Buying, Playing, and New Arrivals

  1. “And yes, Jessica, I’m writing. Teh blogz, they warm up le barrette and il cervello.”

    This makes me pleased. And less likely to bring my katana over


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