I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Our summer is going to be very nice, courtesy of our new sets of wheels:



(The photo of the men’s-styled bike is distorted a little.)

They’re reproduction 1950s-style Schwinn cruisers, seven-speed, with hand brakes and built-in storage racks over the back tires. Chrome fenders, nice fat tires. (Not white-wall, sadly, but maybe one day we’ll upgrade. :)) I’d like to accessorize with a basket (maybe a wicker basket up front, or a wire paperboy basket over the back tire) and a really cool horn like this one. You know, gaWOOOgah. 🙂

For what may be the first time ever, I also have a bike helmet that fits correctly. I have a small head for an adult (because there’s not much up there), but a little too large for a child’s helmet (because of all that ego). At the store, I found a helmet by Bell called the Bellisima – especially designed for women. And it fit. (This is the helmet, but not the color – mine is white and silver.)

I was trying to figure out how to convince Ryan to get a bike helmet, but as it turned out, Andrew Sullivan – or rather, his riled-up readers – had already done it for me. Ryan reads The Daily Dish pretty religiously, and recently had read this… and then this… and, finally cinching the deal, this. I guess it got to him, because he was asking to buy a helmet almost before I could tell him that he needed one. He ended up with the Thrasher by Schwinn (but in red, not black).

We’ve got only one set of bike lights right now, and they’re not installed, so we can’t do night rides right now. We did ride our bikes down to Ryan’s grandparents’ house today, and (after a little practice) got Paisley to trot next to the bike on her leash the whole way. We went slowly and let her stop along the way, and I think she enjoyed it. It definitely wore her out – she’s completely passed out on the bed right now.

Anyway, it’s getting late, so I’m going to log off. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the next few days so we can get some more biking in!


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