Career Paths Under Construction, Some Areas Under Water

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What’s Going On With My Career

June 3 was the last day of the school year. I just finished my rookie teaching year – seventh grade English and reading. Loved just about every minute of it. Honestly, it wasn’t a great year for me, except in regards to being a teacher, which was awesome. I’ve learned an awful lot about myself as a teacher, about teaching in general, and definitely about twelve- and thirteen-year-olds. The amount that they matured in that nine months was extraordinary. The problems that some of them faced were staggering. The enjoyment I took from sharing their company was immeasurable – and, not uncommonly, surprising.

Unfortunately, I was hired late enough last summer that I was given a non-renewing one-year contract. Just standard operating procedure – if you get hired in August or later, you’re treated as though you were a desperation stopgap. I put 110% into my year at LSMS, but at the end of the year they had to terminate me, because there simply wasn’t a job for me there anymore. With budget problems state-wide, our school lost 1.5 teaching positions, and the only wiggle room ended up in science – which I am unqualified, practically and legally, to teach.

Now I’m a tiny bit adrift. Not sure where I’ll be this August. I thought I had a lead on a GT position, but it evaporated. There’s a few positions with a neighboring school district, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. And then there’s something else, an exciting possibility for which I’m interviewing this Wednesday… not going to talk about it in detail right now, though.

I’m really wanting only three things:

  1. a job next year
  2. with some sense of job security for the following year
  3. in a classroom, preferably not fifty miles from my house

Doesn’t seem like that ought to be too much to ask…? I guess we’ll see.

What’s Going On With Ryan’s Career

Ryan graduated in December and is pretty much certified to teach political science or history – unfortunately, both subjects with relatively few openings in the best of times. He’s in the process of applying to a couple of online schools (as a teacher, I mean) as well as a neighboring school district, which has a handful of openings in middle school social studies. Unfortunately, he’s not technically certified as a social studies teacher yet, so he’s also been investigating what that would entail. Looks likes he needs four more classes (psychology, sociology, geography, and economics) and one more Praxis.

In the meantime, he was fortunate enough to get a position at a local tech support call center. Definitely not what he wants to be doing anymore, but in the current economy, you gotta be happy to get a paycheck, right? He was on the phones for a few months, and frankly had a lousy schedule up until this month. It was really rough having him on a Sun.-Thur. swing shift during the school year – we very rarely saw each other.

A few weeks ago, he got a promotion to being a supervisor-in-training. (Ryan had been a supervisor in tech support for some time previously.) We were pretty excited about the possibilities therein – he got off the phones, there was a salary increase down the road, and maybe a better schedule.

Then the company restructured, and he got re-routed into a slightly different position. Now he’s a supervisor for new employees in their “protected week,” where they’re on the phones but can’t get in trouble for sucking. Basically, it’s a trainer position. His schedule is changing week-to-week, but so far they’ve all been M-F day shifts, which is AWESOME. I mean, it’s kind of too bad that he’s on a traditional schedule just as I get off school, but hey – it’s better. I was seriously not looking forward to an entire summer of Ryan-less evenings, and so far that hasn’t been an issue!

Dream Situation

If the Career Fairies would wave their magic wands and get Ryan and I exactly what we (think) we want, it would be a high school in the BSD or MSD that needs a senior government teacher and an honors sophomore English teacher. (Gotta admit, I’m still kind of in love with that accelerated tenth-grade curriculum and age level. I’m also kind of in love with the seventh grade level now, but they don’t teach government in middle school, so my fantasy shifts towards HS.) The school would be immediately charmed by the idea of a husband-wife team, particularly one with a  lot of passion for students and all their activities. The MSD would be slightly better, because I’d get to keep my NaNoWriMo grant and run the Young Writers’ Program again. Preferably the band teacher would be someone who knows and likes us, and would let us hang out from time to time. We’d both get renewable contracts, impress our administrators and fellow teachers, make some friends, and maybe eventually get to team-teach some sort of civics-and-literature class. Oh, and this would all materialize this month, so that I don’t worry all summer. 🙂 Also, so long as we’re making a wish list, their school colors would be flattering to my complexion – something about which I only care because I wear school colors a LOT. I believe in school spirit!

Hear that, Career Fairies? Taking notes? 🙂


One thought on “Career Paths Under Construction, Some Areas Under Water

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that I used the word “awesome” at least three times in that post. Wow. My apologies to the Vocabulary Fairies, who hopefully will not talk smack about me to the Career Fairies.

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